What is Tomba Swahili Meaning?

Tomba is a Swahili word with a long and interesting history. The word has been used in Swahili-speaking nations since the birth of the Swahili language.

But, ‘What is tomba Swahili meaning?’ and ‘How do I use the word Tomba in a sentence?’ In this post, we’ll define the word tomba and explore the various ways in which it is used in Swahili culture and language.

So, What is tomba swahili meaning?

The Swahili word “tomba” translates to “copulate”, “fornicate”, or “fuck” in English. It is a verb meaning to engage in sexual intercourse. The words kutomba and tombana can also be used to refer to “having sex with or fucking someone”.

The word tomba is related to other words such as manga, dinya, pekejeng and binja which all mean “sex”, “fuck” or “sexing”. The translation of tomba into sheng is dinya.

How to use the word Tomba in a sentence

The word “tomba” can be used in a sentence in Swahili to mean “fuck or have sex”. For example, one could say: “Ningependa kutomba yule msichana mrembo” which translates to: “I’d like to fuck that hoty chick.”.

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