Erotic Massage Meaning: In-Depth Definition

Erotic massage is a type of massage on another person’s erogenous zones for sexual pleasure. This massage type is typically performed by a trained masseuse.

Erotic massage is often used as either a form of foreplay or as the final sex act. It may also be used in sex therapy to stimulate the libido or increase a person’s ability to respond positively to sensual stimuli.

An erotic massage is one type of body-to-body massage, usually performed while you are naked. The massage setting may include lighting, erotic music, and sensual visuals.

Although erotic massage practitioners claim that the primary motivation of this massage type is relaxation, it may also include any form of sexual activity during the massage (oral sex, hand job, or 69 normal sex).

There is a commercial erotic massage industry in Nairobi, Kenya, which may call their establishments massage parlors, or spas.

Erotic massage can also be performed by independent escorts or call girls. They may not be trained in the field but they are definitely skilled – from years of experience.

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