Escorts Glossary

  • Deep French Kissing: An In-depth Definition

    Deep French kissing, also known as French kissing, is a type of kissing that involves open-mouthed kissing with tongue contact. It is a passionate and intimate form of kissing that can involve various techniques, such as using the tongue to explore the other person’s mouth, sucking on the lips or tongue, and using the teeth…

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  • Blow Job Meaning: In-depth Definition

    A blow job, also commonly referred to as a blow, or a suck, is a sexual activity involving receiving oral sex from another person – mostly involves oral stimulation of the penis or scrotum Blowjobs can be spontaneous or performed as part of sexual intercourse. The act most often takes place in private, but blow…

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  • Erotic Massage Meaning: In-Depth Definition

    Erotic massage is a type of massage on another person’s erogenous zones for sexual pleasure. This massage type is typically performed by a trained masseuse. Erotic massage is often used as either a form of foreplay or as the final sex act. It may also be used in sex therapy to stimulate the libido or…

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  • Hand Job Meaning: In-Depth Definition

    A hand job is a form of sexual activity that involves one person stimulating another’s genitalia using the hand or a sex toy. The stimulation can either be on the vagina (pussy), the asshole, or on the penis (dick). Various types of sex toys can be used as hand jobs (often referred to as phallic…

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  • Come on Body (COB) Meaning: In-Depth Definition

    COB is a slang term that refers to a male’s ejaculate that leaks from his penis as he ejaculates; his semen splashes and splatters all over his partner’s breasts, stomach, and hips. Some men prefer COB because they prefer their cum to splash onto their partner’s body or spray out like a waterfall. You can…

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  • Call Girl Definition

    A call girl, also known as an escort, a prostitute, or a hooker, is an individual who provides sexual services for a fee. The term call girl comes from the practice of picking up a prostitute by telephone. The first worldwide telephone services were established in the 1930s. The telephone allowed prostitutes and their clients…

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