What is Tomba Swahili Meaning?

Tomba is a Swahili word with a long and interesting history. The word has been used in Swahili-speaking nations since the birth of the Swahili language. But, ‘What is tomba Swahili meaning?’ and ‘How do I use the word Tomba in a sentence?’ In this post, we’ll define the word tomba and explore the various […]

What does Pekejeng mean in Sheng?

It’s no surprise that as our society evolves and expands its sheng vocabulary. One of the latest additions to the sheng language, Pekejeng, is becoming more common. But important questions that keep coming up are – What does pekejeng mean in sheng? What is the origin of the word Pekejeng? How can I use the […]

What does Dinya mean in Sheng?

The Kenyan language Sheng is a significant part of the cultural fabric in many of the country’s urban centers, and its lexicon is as varied and intricate as any other language. And one word that often crops up in local conversations is “dinya.” But what does dinya mean in sheng, and where does it come […]

What does Escorting Mean?

Escorting has become a more common term in recent years, but there is still some confusion about what exactly it means. It is important that we understand the meaning of escorting and its implications so that we can make informed decisions and be respectful of others. Escorting can refer to a wide range of activities, […]

How much do Escorts Charge in Kenya?

The cost of hiring an escort varies greatly depending on the services offered and the individual’s experience. Generally, prices start around kes 2000 per hour and can go as high as kes 10000 per hour for those with special services or international fame. Some escorts may charge less than kes 2000 per hour, such as […]

Is Escorting Legal Kenya?

In recent years, the question of whether or not escorting is legal in Kenya has become increasingly relevant. The legality of the practice of escorting differs widely from one jurisdiction to another. In Kenya, there is no explicit regulation or law specifically addressing this form of work. Instead, there are a number of relevant laws […]

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